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  Thanks to W.A.M.I. for two 2015 nominations:

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THE NEW CD JACK 2015 WILL BE RELEASED AUGUST 10 at the Italian Community Center Concert in Milwaukee Wisconsin 6:30 - 9pm. Wonderful Italian food. Free admission and parking. After that, the CD will be available on this shopping cart and at Schmitt Music in Racine and at our gigs.


Explore Jack's music with Jill Jensen the jazz singer and see the new video:

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JACK AND JILL JAZZ is the CD of the L.A. concert Jack did with Jill Jensen. Get it here or download tracks at CD BABY or at Schmitt Music Company in Racine, WI.

TAL FARLOW set up his recording equipment each time Jack visited between 1994 and 1997.

TWO GUYS WITH GUITARS is the CD which lets you hear the music. JazzTimes - review

"May there be peace and love and perfection in all creation."  (John Coltrane)

EL REFUGIO is the dynamic duo CD Jack recorded in Mexico with guitar virtuoso Guillermo Espinasse.

allaboutjazz - review - interview

Kirk Tatnall and Jack Grassel created music on their superguitars (a bass and guitar combination):  

LIVE @ THE UPTOWNER w/ drummer Ernie Adams. GHOST RIDGE w/ drummer Dane Richeson.

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"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." (Berthold Auerbach)

We found a box of lost MAGIC CEREAL out of print vinyl records in our warehouse - see shopping cart.


LIVE SKYPE CONCERT - Schedule a custom performance sent to your home from our studio stage.

 "If Roland Kirk had played guitar, this is what it would have looked like."  (Patrick Patterson)


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Download tracks from some of our CDs including "10" at CD Baby.  Jack's greatest hits CD "10" has one favorite track from each of his first ten CDs.



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TOP 20 JAZZ GUITAR LESSONS - 74 minute DVD  of energizing information based on Jack's books.

GUITAR SEEDS This book has grown fine guitarists for four decades. Have fun with the horizontal and vertical 20 position scale system liberating the fingerboard into one big position, Also melody, rhythm, and bass line chord systems including single note stacked arpeggio exercises in polytonality.

"You don't have to learn this stuff but you'll have to compete with someone who did." (Ted Ashford)

JAZZ RHYTHM GUITAR - This book / CD set has been created as a fast, clear, modern method of teaching jazz ensemble performing skills. Create award winning high school and college guitarists. Play along with bassist Tom McGirr, drummer Mike Lorenz and Jack.

MONSTER CHOPS - Explore new finger destinations in the ultimate technique book. Ignite single note technique and reading skills. Ultra modern jazz etudes in each of the 12 positions evoking spirits of Coltrane, Dolphy and Monk. Summary etudes combine all positions for complete mastery of the finger board. No scales. No tablature. For serious technique maniacs.

BIG AX - Walk with the original book that mobilized the world's jazz guitarists to play jazz bass lines and chords simultaneously on a standard guitar.

SUPER AX - Intensify your solo guitar skills with this introduction to improvising melody, bass, and chords simultaneously on a 6 string guitar.

131 AXERCISES FOR THE SOLO JAZZ GUITARIST Build single note solos with walking bass lines simultaneously! Expands ideas in the BIG AX and SUPER AX books.

"If you practice 8 hours a day doing something the wrong way, you will become very good at doing it the wrong way." (Michael Jordan)

BRAIN TRAINING - Subliminally intensify and transform your performance. This self-hypnosis CD can help you become more confident and consistant. For both male and female musicians. Voiced by Jill Jensen and John Schneider.

RIGHT NOW - relax

POWER PRACTICING - Maximize your motivation and efficiency . Enhance learning and productivity.


Spend quality time with the most influential jazz guitarists. Play along with a CD of their solos using the book with standard notation and tab.

JAZZ GUITAR STANDARDS - Charlie Christian, Billy Bauer, Jim Hall, Joe Pass, Grant Green, Chuck Wayne.

JAZZ GUITAR FAVORITES   - Wes Montgomery, George Barnes, Pat Martino, Hank Garland, Barney Kessel, Howard Roberts.

JAZZ GUITAR CLASSICS - Django Reinhardt, George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Johnny Smith, Jimmy Raney, Tal Farlow.



G.I.G. - GRASSEL INSTITUTE OF GUITAR - Study with Jack in person in Racine, Wisconsin U.S.A. 

SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS  -  Get help with your musicianship, career, audition, and competitions.                


Guitar One Magazine: "readers voted Mr. Grassel 'One of the ten best guitarists (you probably don't know) in America...' Years of study with George Van Eps, Tal Farlow, Jimmy Wyble, and Billy Bauer helped him create his own unique style."


Jazz Times Magazine: "Guitarist Jack Grassel may be the best-kept secret in the jazz guitar community (although aspiring players may know him from an instructional column he contributed to Guitar Player Magazine for many years). An astounding technician with remarkable fluency and speed on single note lines and an incredibly advanced harmonic vocabulary that is on par with the likes of chordal geniuses Ted Green and Lenny Breau. Grassel has continued to fly under the radar while quietly putting out the occasional guitaristic gem from his home base in Brewtown". (Bill Milkowski) Grassel Explore Jack's career on Wikipedia. Enjoy more videos.                 - an inspiring conversation with Mike Mueller from Guitar One Magazine.

The Great Jazz Guitarists-The Ultimate Guide - This comprehensive guide has bios of over 500 jazz guitarists. It's on sale here for $11. (Thanks to Scott Yanow for including Jack in his new book.)